Meet The Board- Ryan Jacoby

Ryan Jacoby, Board Chair

Ryan Jacoby  has 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience, most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville.

He now provides business consulting to area nonprofits in human capital management, organizational development, and strategic planning.  Ryan is a former neighbor and still close friend of the Divers family.

He is inspired by Alyssa’s courage, humor and grace throughout her diagnosis and treatments; as well as the the resilience and strength of Lexie, Lynn and Jeff in using their own experiences to shape and inform how to best provide housing and holistic care to other families of children in medical crisis while away from their community of support.

 Ryan’s wife Sarah works at Region Ten and he has two amazing children, Chloe, 16 and a junior at Charlottesville High School, and Simon, 13 and a 7th grader at Buford Middle School).

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