Lexie’s Lovies

 Because Everybody Needs a Friend

img_6294Founder Lexie Divers, age 12,  provides comfort items to family members who are experiencing the medical crises of a child.

It is her hope having a cuddly friend to hug, a warm hat to wear, a quilt to wrap up in, or a small pillow to soften an uncomfortable chair might help to make this scary time just a little bit better.

Want to help? We are collecting:

  • New Quilts and small pillows
  • New Colorful blankets and pillowcases
  • New Stuffed animals
  • New Soft hats

Lexie knows too well the challenges facing  children in a familylexies-lovie-logo with a child in treatment. At age six, Lexie was thrown into the world of childhood cancer when her big sister Alyssa was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She learned the struggles facing both the child receiving medical treatment, as well as their siblings. Lexie imagined a time when siblings are recognized as important family members who are just as scared as everyone else – and just as in need as the patient!

Lexie’s Lovies- Providing Comfort and Loving Support to Children Experiencing Medical Crisis