A Message From Alyssa’s Mommy: Sign-up to Volunteer!

What kind of Fairy are you?


It takes a lot to make The Alyssa House possible…sometimes it almost seems like magic! At The Alyssa House, our volunteers are like fairies, quietly taking care of what needs to be done as a gift…. a little bit of love and magic. The Alyssa House is a place of respite, recharge and retreat. Thus, our fairies offer behind the scenes support for our fragile families. We are looking for “fairies” for four categories: Laundry, Feeding, House and Events.


TAH wants to have a working list of Fairies/Volunteers.  If you are interested, please email thealyssahouse@gmail.com with your willingness and which categories you are interested in. You can be a fairy for them all!

We are aiming for a team of roughly 15 on each team in order to have enough hands on deck when a specific need arises. All of them are very easy on the time commitment piece.

The details of the four categories thus far are:

Laundry Fairies – Come and grab laundry to wash and return when we reset the house for the next family. Thus far, twice in 6 months. Laundry consists of sheets, blankets, towels, etc. that belong to The Alyssa House (about 4 laundry bags). We anticipate needing 3 – 4 fairies for the team approach to a reset with each fairy responsible for one laundry bag. Fairies have flexibility over several days in which to do the laundry – just need to coordinate pick up and drop off.

Feeding Fairies – Help by baking a casserole or stocking our pantry with non-perishables for the families, as requested. Again, our two previous families availed themselves of this option only a handful of times, but a home cooked meal (even frozen in the freezer) is a gift to a tired family. For this, we only need one fairy at a time but we’d like to have a team upon which to call to be sure that someone is available and interested. IF the meal is to be delivered ready (instead of frozen) sometimes this call is more timely. Often fragile families don’t really know their hospital schedule as it can change dramatically. Some real flexibility to whip up something with a day’s notice is helpful. Also a quick trip to the grocery for basic, child-friendly non-perishables can be a Feeding Fairy duty!

House Fairies – Deep clean the house upon reset for a new family – and even some minor weeding or plant watering of the yard. Ideally we would like to have 4 – 8 volunteers for each reset. Again, time commitment is limited – just a few hours on one day – with a few days’ notice. Thus far, this has happened only twice in 6 months as well.

Event Fairies – Help us with awareness and fundraising activities. We are kicking around the idea of doing concessions at John Paul Jones Arena and/or the Sprint Pavilion for sporting events and concerts to help raise funds and awareness. We’ve not done this, yet, but we hear it can be fun for extroverts who enjoy getting to a game or event and socializing with other volunteers. (Know a local fraternity or sorority who wants to adopt a good cause?) We’ve also done events at several local stores, farms, churches, etc. Sometimes we need a team of a few people – up to 4, perhaps, who are willing to take a shift at an event, or work concessions together and share the story of The Alyssa House.

Other fairies – We have fairies who gather gift cards, items to make or give to the family, and those who offer their services – as a photographer or cosmetologist, for example, too. Lexie continues to gather new items: quilts, stuffed animals and other comfort to share with family members. She is well stocked at present.

We would really, really appreciate- to let me know if you are still able and interested – and if so, which “team(s)” suit you. We would also like to know if you are no longer available. We don’t want to pester you with emails if your time, heart and energy are elsewhere.

Thank you so much for supporting The Alyssa House with gifts of time and treasure – and especially of your heart.

With my gratitude,

Lynn, still Alyssa’s Mommy

PS. Isn’t this the cutest picture of Lexie? (shhhh!)

Fundraiser- “Paint for a Cause” at Muse Paint Bar!

Thank you to all our friends, family, and community members who came out to “Paint for a Cause” at Muse Paint Bar.

It warmed our hearts to see so many people from all over the community! We were joined by friendly faces from the dance community, Alyssa’s church, and more.

We had so much fun, we almost forgot it was a fundraiser! Your support helped us raise much needed funds to help us continue our dream of supporting families with children in medical crisis.

We were also touched by those who incorporated our special “Alyssa Blue” into their painting.

Thank you for walking with us on this journey. Your support means everything to us, and will help make a difference to a family in need.