Dreaming Big

At our recent Board meeting, The Alyssa House made some big decisions.

img_5276Our first big decision is to offer our housing and care to our families free of charge.  While this feels a tad bit intimidating to a group of do-gooder volunteers, we understand intimately the stress of financial expenses when already struggling.  This is ONE stressor we can take off our precious families.

Here is our new mission statement!

The Alyssa House provides housing and holistic care to families of children in medical crisis while they are away from their local community.

At one time, we hoped it would be low-cost, but with help, we believe it can be no-cost.

The second decision is to dream big and aim for hosting our first family very close to the start of 2017!  Woot!  This has been a long time in coming (longer than we would have imagined) but we want to be sure that when we do open our doors, we do it right.  We’ve only got one chance to make that first impression, right?

We have been so pleased to receive so much enthusiasm and community support as we move forward with our dream to ease the burden on these hurting families.  Thank you for joining us, for walking alongside us, for making it happen, for joining The Alyssa House family and for rooting for us.

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for you!  You are making something big and wonderful come from the ashes of our heartbreak.  Thank you!



Alyssa’s Mommy