Dreams and Wishes for The Alyssa House

Everybody should be so lucky as to create a wish list… It is a chance to dream, to envision who we are called to become. The Alyssa House has the chance to create just that – to dream what we can do for these families as they face uncertain days.

My dream is to....jpg

Where do dreams begin? Perhaps they begin within our hearts.  Where do we begin? Perhaps at the start….Our wish list right now is for help with start up expenses.  We give thanks for those who have contributed to our mission. We have much to do to prepare for our first families. As we move forward with the lease agreement, we don’t yet have significant space in which to store things. That’s a polite way of saying we need money and not stuff at this point. 😉

We would like to have the resources in the bank to cover the expenses of the rent for the first several months – a cushion – so as we work out inevitable kinks and smooth processes, we’ll become the dream organization we want to be. The Alyssa House will take exceptional care of our families… by offering grace to body and spirit.

If you (or your Sunday School class, civic group or business) would like to donate, you can go here  – and select The Alyssa House as your designated organization. Your gifts are tax-deductible.Your gifts can help us get ready to purchase the supplies needed to care for a immuno-compromised child.

And, if you have some dreams of your own for a way you want to be involved, let us know! Let us know if you know you want to volunteer – to cook a meal, to provide toiletries or household goods (toilet paper anyone?), to plant flowers in the yard, to offer transportation or a grocery run, to offer a photography session, to paint nails or play video games with a child, to be “on call” in case the hospitalized family has a urgent shopping need (Hey – it happens.  I became ill in Houston and needed someone to run to the drug store to grab a prescription and deliver it to the hospital- because no – they don’t treat the parents on the sly).

Maybe you might even want to be on Dream Duty… find out if there is a dream the child has that you can fulfill.  One of Alyssa’s dreams was to jump again, one last time, on two legs… so a trampoline park was the answer. That wasn’t hard – or expensive – but it mattered.

Ideas people have shared:

  • personalized quilts for the families
  • photography session for the family
  • planting and tending flowers in the yard
  • chemo care kits
  • arts and crafts gifts,
  • “Lexie Luvies” (stuffed animal friends)
  • Video gaming system…
  • Even website design and support!

This is a community effort. Together, we can make a profound difference for a frightened and vulnerable child.

Thanks for dreaming with us!  It matters.  You matter!