Inaugural Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Alyssa House!

Setting aside personal vanity, here is the picture of the Inaugural Meeting of the Board of Directors. Some amazing people with even more amazing hearts have been willing to jump in and create a home where love, hope and grace can flourish.  At least, that is our goal. We want to create a very low cost space where families with children in medical crises can be together.  We want to offer grace to their body and spirit in every way that our brains can conceive.  Can you conceive some?  One woman wrote to share that she and her young teen daughter want to make quilts for the children who will stay there – even personalizing them with the child’s name.  That’s what we are talking about!  Loving lavishly!

Why not just stay at the Ronald McDonald House?  That is a GREAT place to stay and a wonderful resource!  But, it doesn’t always fit the need.  They often have a waiting list – and, from personal experience, if you have a small child who is immuno-compromised, you don’t particularly want exposure to a small hotel full of people.

At The Alyssa House, we would like to provide meals frozen and ready.  We’d like to offer help with laundry, transportation, finding your way in a new city.  We’d like to offer emotional and spiritual support. We just want to try and help these families to have no additional worries other than the health of their child.

Lexie Divers, you see right up front, is sister to Alyssa and our Director of Children’s Hospitality.  She wants to have stuffed animals and activity kits for each child who stays in the house.  Behind her is Jeff Divers, member at large, who is Alyssa’s Dad.  Karen Beiber is on the far left – our Board Chair. Beside her is our Board Secretary, Sarah Cooper, a social worker. Beside her is Ryan Jacoby, Vice Chair, knowledgeable about most things housing.  In the tye-dye is Anita Olina, whose brain birthed the mission idea for The Alyssa House. Beside her, well, that’s me (and my mouth sore) trying to smile. I am the Board Treasurer and Mom to Alyssa. Lastly, on the far right is Alyssa’s oncologist. Dr. Kimberly Dunsmore, Chief of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at the UVA Children’s Hospital.

Together, we have energy and passion for making a difference in memory of our precious Alyssa.  Wanna help?  Come on.  We have a lot to do to open on February 25th, what should have been Alyssa’s 14th birthday.  But, as we discovered during Alyssa’s treatment, with the support of this amazing community, we can do just about anything!

Thanks for joining The Alyssa House Family… or find us on Facebook – The Alyssa House


Tax Deductible Gifts Now Accepted!

IMAG0121As promised, here is more info on the easiest ways to donate to The Alyssa House. Thank you so much!

1 – Write a check to Virginia Organizing with “The Alyssa House” on the memo line and put it in the offering basket at Sojourners any Sunday smile emoticon

2 – Write a check to Virginia Organizing with “Alyssa House” on the memo line and mail to Virginia Organizing, 703 Concord Avenue, Charlottesville, VA, 22903

3 – Go to and click on “donate” and make an online contribution. Please be sure to go towards the bottom of the page where it asks if you would like your donation to be designated to a special purpose. Specify Alyssa House. There is also a place at the bottom to cover the 3% expenses of online donations. Please mark if you want to cover that 3% by adding it to your donation. If you choose not to add the 3%, The Alyssa House will get 97% of your donation amount. Whatever amount, we will be grateful!